Monday, May 3, 2010

SB 1070 comment

My comment is about “Should Texas Adopt Immigration Laws Similar to Arizona's??? , I am agree in some of the ideas my classmate had point out such as if you move to another country try to learn the language, the customs and laws instead of forcing everybody else to learn your language and your believes; share your culture with people who wants to learn but do not impose it. Speaking another language does not means you have to forget your native language. I personally speak Spanish at home with my family and at work if it needs it.
The problem with this particular law is that the police will stop people who look like immigrants how they decide who they will stop, base on the car that people drive, base on the skin color, base on clothing, base on WHAT exactly… Those who were born in the country will not accept the law because they believe their rights will be violated which I can see their points. People will have to have their paper with them to show the police that they’re legal immigrants in this country. Immigration is a really controversial topic and trying to find a solution for it is going to be the same as trying to answer the question WHO WAS FIRST THE CHICKEN OR THE EGG????
If my comment was offensive in any way I would like to apologize

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

$158,000 per arrest

My comment is about the article called $ 158,000 Per Arrest. In 2006 Governor Perry put in action his idea about the Texas border control by the use of cameras around the border between United States and Mexico; this idea was propose when elections were around the corner to get a new Governor. The idea of having cameras around the border to capture illegals, counterfeit money and drugs: it was not a bad idea if we think that the border patrol police will have an idea how many people are there and to avoid casualties in the police side.
The idea of having cameras will help police to find the people who are left behind by the “coyotes” to die in the desert, they will save lives. But like any idea or theory we will always find flaws; in this case allowing people to have access to the cameras and see the same thing police sees. How the police knows that the people who are watching are not people who is part of the Cartels. This is a big help for those who move drugs and people across the border because they know and they see everything that happens in the border.
The governor Perry propose this idea with the goal of “expected to generate 1,200 arrests, $25,000 in cash forfeitures, 50,000 incident reports and 4,500 immigration referrals” by so far we had 26 arrests at a value of 158,000 dollars per arrest. This project started with 2 million dollars and now the Governor had expended 4 millions and another 2 millions in 2009. The used of this money is to implement more cameras to protect the border, but how about spending less money in cameras and more in to hired man power to protect the border.
The idea in theory is good, put the actual action of the plan could be provide a different outcome of the expected; in this case the use of money into a program that has not provide its goal but just a small percentage. The money expended buying more cameras could have been used towards education or some other programs our state is in needs.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Comment about How long the Elephant gets loose?

I chose the comment from Big Texas Rules about How long before the Elephant gets loose? Everybody has the right to express their opinions and believes, but they do not have the right to use force to make people follow your believes or ideas; there are always a person who will try to make statements by using scandals like “Joey” is doing. We as a democratic society had the ability to choose and to pick what we want. So people will choose to have an abortion because they said that it is their body so they can do whatever they want with it. Abortion is a controversial topic because some of the reason to be against are religion, moral, believes, science, etc. Government does not want to have an opinion about it because they will have to use one really strong reason to make abortion illegal. This means they will have to pick a side and make a strong impression in the public to make they understand that they are watching for their interest. But these days we are always going to find a group of people who are not agree with making Abortion illegal, and they are going to complaint and show the entire nation that the government is violating one of their right. I am against abortion because my religion said is wrong, but I also see the science behind the process of conception with for me is the reason I thing abortion is a violation of the baby’s rights to live.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Census is the answer for the prays of How to get the government to allocate money to the states

The actual purpose for the CENSUS is to obtain an accurate count of the habitants in each city, county, town, and state. These numbers will allow the National Government to allocate money to each State, so they use for the needs of the population.
Some of the needs will be construction of highways, schools, improvements in the medical care, school care, etc. Of course the money will be proportional to the population count. The idea is pretty good if we can considerer that the money will be equally distribute among the state’s population so the needs will be fulfill.
I think the census is in idea the greatest idea especially if our state government will provided the right services to the community. This year we have a census and according to the count the Travis county responses are behind the national average. One of the many reason is believe that people was waiting until April 1, 2010 to submit their envelopes instead of mail them right away. Another reason is that Austin is in majority populated by students who do not live all year but only during Spring and Fall to attend the different Universities located at Austin.
If the Texas cannot provide an accurate number of habitants the State will not get the money need it to fulfill the services in Texas but government will probably will have to rearrange the way money is spend , so it can be use successfully. Hopefully Texas will get enough money to fix the streets and finish up with the highways, to improve school education and created a better plan of how to deal with children who speak different languages; or to do something about the homeless people begging for money in the different intersection in Austin, etc.

Friday, March 19, 2010

“2010 Gubernatorial Election”

The editorial I used is from the The Texas Observer blog by Josh Haney is called "Hutchinson kicks of Campaign.....Finally". The blog is about the decision of the Senator Hutchinson to go for the Governor job. This blog try to call the attention of everybody about the way the Senator is running her campaign. In this blog the editor describe the direction of her campaign which did not show any solid bases.

The campaign did not have an actual organization, because the person who supposed to be in control of it, did not have an clear view of become the next Governor of Texas.

Her ideas about the way Governor Perry run the State were exposes and explode as a comments of a person who try to use the easy way in campaigns by using bad campaign against the other party. The way people run their campaign these days are with a lack of direction what so ever.
Campaigns should be about the good things and abilities of the person running for office , but instead we have commercials showing the lack of judgment by the other person who is also running for office, the campaign should explore and enhance the good characteristics about their public careers instead of the errors of the opposites runner.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Terrorist or Desperate

The editorial that I am using is from the Austin American Statesman by the editorial board and it is title “Sense of terror that rattled Austin,” I think this editorial is targeting people of all ages. The editorial has a title that catches the attention by the using of the word Terror. The writer started by remarking that the attack in the IRS building was not a terrorist attack, but the actions of a person who did not have hopes and did not believe in the system that he lived on so he decide to take a piece of it with him by crashing his plane into the building. In the editorial the writer, remind us that when we hear that an airplane has crashes immediately we think of terrorism, the 9/11. The editorial also explain that the high power in our country (the President) was aware of the situation in Austin and the authorities explain that what happen was not a terrorist attack, but the plan of a person who did not believe in his Government anymore. Mr. Stack had issues that he was not able to understand himself, but he was clear that the Government was trying to get him. The editorial also tries to show the efficiency of the emergency crew and the wonderful job they have done. But what about the people who help who did not have training, but they knew they had to help the people who were trapped inside the building. The writer also said that the author of this tragedy would have more publicity because of his demised.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Students to get hands-on time with city government

I select this article from the Austin America Statesman, by Sarah Coppola. This article is about the 50 high school students will experience the Government work fisrt hand by helping out in the different deparments and to providing ideas to help some how the community. This project wants to introducce young people into politics so they are aware of the system in which they live and their families live. The Government wants to encorage students to be part of the transformations in the Government itself; they want students to take Government class not as a requierment class but as a somenthing that students will feel comfortable and with the idea that they will make a change. Because they are the future.